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Sometimes, you are just born as a monster... and sometimes you are not. This is unfortunate but you learn to deal with it as you grow. This game let's you experience the difficulties in the life of a duck. Good Luck!

use WASD to move and mouse to look (hold Left shift to look freely)

Level 1: Pickup the brown bread crumbs while avoiding the mean chickens!
Level 2: Pickup the brown bread crumbs and grow/jump high enough to squash chickens and win! (Left Mouse Button to Dash forward if you just ate a Bread Crumb)
Level 3: Eat people by touching them, Shoot Cops with your lasers (Left Mouse Button)
Cops have sirens, People don't!

Malena Klaus
Aaron Oostdijk
Paul Ziemer
Anders Lysted Brevik
Jan Piskur
Valentijn Muijrers

Sound might be a bit Loud!
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